Everything you need to camp like a boss!

This digital cookbook bundle will teach you how to make amazing meals in the woods, without lots of dishes, weird ingredients or processed foods!

  • 70+ easy recipes that you can make 100% at camp with no prep work.
  • Camping grocery list & meal planner template that you can print and take shopping…
  • 20+ pages of expert advice that will teach exactly you how to plan, pack, prepare, and cook incredibly delicious camping meals safely and efficiently. 
  • From gear selection to properly packing your car and building a campfire it's all here.
  • And much more!

Hi! We are Dani & Holli, moms to 7 crazy kiddos, and we are about to become your camp cooking fairy godmothers.

If you've ever gone camping and by day #2 had a stomach ache and a longing for something other than yet another hot dog...this is the cookbook you've been looking for!

To us at least half the fun of camping is the food!!

So whether you are looking for the 18th lunch for the bottomless pits that are your children, or a way to enjoy some lazy hours by the fire tending slow cooking gloriousness....we've got you covered. 

Can you imagine eating real food while camping?

  • Food that tastes amazing, your kids will eat and isn't just another can of chili.Picky eater and mom approved!  
  • Easy treats to mix up the classic s'mores routine! 
  • Quick simple cocktails and drinks for the whole family. 
  • Gourmet ideas for romantic date nights in the woods. 
  • Winter camping recipes.
  • Make ahead options and 100% cook in camp options (I hate to cook ahead but Holli loves it!)
  • Tons of plant based and meat eater choices (including many that can be made for both with just a protein swap!)  

Learn From The Experts
I've been cooking since I was 2, attended culinary school and been a professional recipe developer for over 10 years. Both Holli and I have been camping since we were kids in the Pacific Northwest and have 7 kids between our two immediate families and dozens more in extended families. 

So I want you to know that this isn't a slapped together hodge podge of poorly written recipes from city slickers. We live in Oregon and are north west hippies to our cores.  
I've made everything from homemade lasagna to tortillas from scratch in the woods and am here to share my expertise of what gives you the most bang for your buck and what to skip out on.

The truth is camp cooking IS different.

So if you are ready to rock that camp stove this year, skip the learning curve and let us help you nail this the first time!

Happy camping! 
xoxo Dani & Holli

Happy Campers
Stephanie Dove
"I am SOO thankful for this incredible camping cookbook!!  It really blew me away because, if I’m honest, camping = stress for me.  I have four kids and figuring out the food part always seemed to default to sandwiches/hot dogs and chips.  

This cookbook gave me everything I needed to be able to STOP THE STRESS when it comes to camping with my family!  And OMG, the Strawberry Nutella S’more Croissants are worth the price of the whole book!!  You can’t go wrong with this cookbook!"

Jeffrey W.
Taste Tester AKA Dani's boyfriend

"I don't cook while I am camping like my girlfriend does. 

Let's be honest, I'm a simple dude. I open cans of chili. But everything in this cookbook that I've tasted is amazing. 

I highly recommend if you like to eat good food, buy this for the person who cooks for you. And then offer to carry the cast iron pans they will inevitably want to bring along."

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